Krämer Motorcycles U.S.A.

Located in West Fargo, North Dakota, we are the United States’ distributor of Krämer HKR EVO2 series motorcycles – the most advanced, hand built, supermonos in the world. These bikes feature the trusted power of the KTM 690 LC4 power plant, a race focused chassis, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, and the best available components to create competitive light-weight and ultra-light motorcycles.


2019 Krämer HKR EVO2 S

The Krämer HKR EVO2 S comes standard with everything you need to be competitive on the track. The S spec features an 80hp KTM 690 LC4, race-focused chassis, tunable suspension, selectable engine mapping, and advanced braking systems.

Pricing: $16,990


2019 Krämer HKR EVO2 R

The Krämer HKR EVO2 R starts with the same race-ready components as the S plus an upgraded 80hp KTM 690 LC4 engine, a superior braking package and forged wheels.

Pricing: $22,495

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