Born from passion describes it best. 


Innovation and motivation cannot be bought or acquired from the outside. This only comes from within, through challenges – responsibility – authority – and the freedom to make mistakes. Striving for perfection is our drive, our passion and the mistakes made along the way are the foundation of Krämer Motorcycles.

Krämer Motorcycles started in Germany as just a hobby in 2009, building a prototype racing bike for their own use, ultimately led to the company foundation of the company in 2014. The first model of the young company’s history is the “HKR EVO2″ where “HKR” stands for the first letter of the last names of Christof Henco , Markus Krämer and Nico Rothe. In 2009, the three of them started developing their own motorcycles in order to race it. This first motorcycle was called the EVO1. The HKR EVO2 is therefore its successor and already includes four years of pre-development through experience gained on the EVO1 model.

Krämer Motorcycles U.S.A. and their partnership with Sisufab of West Fargo, ND is the first venture into the American market. 

Joe Karvonen - Owner


Joe is a Motorcycle Mechanics Institute graduate in Harley Davidson Early & Late Model and Honda Hontech programs. He has Harley Davidson dealership experience and factory training. Joe recently completed Triumph Motorcycle technician training. He also has extensive training and experience with Indian Motorcycles.
With over 12 years of experience in the powersports industry, he has become skilled in performance upgrades and custom fabrication.

Brittany Taplin

Brittany Taplin.png

Brittany has a Masters degree from North Dakota State University. She has previous motorcycle dealership experience in parts and clothing sales. Brittany assists with accounting, graphic design, and administrative tasks.

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